With a rapidly growing city, with its ever increasing demand for services, TDK Civil has supported various utility organisations in providing critical service connections ranging from water pipelines, onground and below ground pump stations, electrical connections and communication networks. To date TDK Civil has installed over 1500km’s of inground backbone and feeder utility services across the country.     


Whether you need access to your residential driveways, a new carpark or need to rebuild a major VicRoad’s freeway onramp, TDK Civil have the expertise to deliver pavements to stringent quality control requirements. Subgrades have ranged from unbound pavements, lime stablised, cement treated and even mass concrete. Surfaces have ranged from sprayed seals, concrete and asphalt  

Tram Super Stops

With a flexible workforce, TDK Civil has worked on a number of tram stop upgrades. To minimise disrution ot the public, the tram stops are fully built during a weekend shutdown. With works being undertaken around the clock, management of staff and safety were paramount as TDK built a number of Melbourne’s elevated super tram stops, providing the commuter with greater accessibility, comfort and safety.


Having installed over 200 compounds for various service providers across the country, TDK Civil has the expertese to provide turnkey compounds including electric fencing, solar arays, powder coated, rabbit proofing and associated foundations, earthing and retaining walls