This project involved the construction of 2 separate pump stations to capture and divert water from discharge into Port Phillip Bay and back to a treatment/recycling facility within the Melbourne Water Werribee Treatment Plant grounds.

Each pump station has a capacity of over 100 million litres per day.

At one location we built a temporary coffer dam into the lagoon to create a dry work area and enable the removal of part of the earth wall to the lagoon and build the 3m deep concrete pump structure.

Works included placing the installation of over 30 concrete footings for the 1m diameter cement lined steel pipes as well as excavation of trenches to bury the pipe at road crossings.

Further works included a switch room structure with over 20 incoming services and an in ground concrete tunnel linking the structure to the pumps and via a fibre optic build back to a control room.

The in ground structure is 4m deep, housing two pumps capable of running in parallel or individually while the other is undergoing maintenance.


Location: Werribee, VIC