TDK worked direct in association with the Government Department Vic Track to connect Warrnambool to Melbourne’s fibre network. TDK supplied and installed in excess of 200kms of optic cable along the rail corridor passing through volcanic rock, rail crossings, endangered flora and narrow corridors.

As part of the project our team walked the entire 220km route to identify any environmentally sensitive vegetation, heritage or cultural artefacts. Works included the creation of 3 fibre hut compounds along the route for signal distribution and future clients, in excess of 200 pits, 250 bores, 6km of a 7 conduit joint services
trench and associated works for a future rail siding. All these works were along one of Victoria’s narrowest rail corridors that had no existing access track and passed through Victoria’s youngest volcanic area

As the works progressed our landscape department carried out reinstatement of the landscape with minimal disruption to the residents along the rail corridor. During the course of the works the region experienced one of its wettest winters and hottest summers, TDK’s programming department were constantly reviewing and updating our OHS and environmental constraints to ensure all stakeholders expectations were met and the safety of our workers maintained.


Client: VicTrack
Location: Geelong to Warrnamboo, VIC